Our identity

The Instituto Salesiano San Miguel is an educational institution with more than 100 years of presence in our beloved Honduras. We belong to a network of educational institutions with a presence in 134 countries. Our educational system is inspired by the Preventive System of San Juan Bosco, which consists of three fundamental pillars: REASON, RELIGION AND LOVE.

Our educational offer is based on principles and values from preschool to high school, ensuring optimal learning for the student.


We are HOUSE THAT WELCOMES: The Salesian Institute San Miguel is an educational institution inspired by the charism of Don Bosco, which under the light of the preventive educational system proposed by the father and teacher of youth, responds to the teaching lines of the Salesian Congregation, Present in more than 134 countries in the world.


We are CHURCH THAT EVANGELIZES: we seek the Christian formation of the young, through “educate evangelizing and evangelize educating”; taking the youngest to encounter with the person of Christ, his model of life.


We are SCHOOL THAT EDUCATES: the academic, artistic, cultural, technological and sports proposal of our institution is always a pioneer, offering our students, relevant, flexible and quality educational-pastoral services, innovative and last generation.


We are PATIO OF ENCOUNTERS: we are characterized by having a family atmosphere and building authentic fraternal relationships among all members of the educational community.

Salesian educational style

In his quest to train children and young students in a holistic way, Don Bosco developed an education system in which three major pillars of every person’s life are intertwined. Thus the Preventive System was born, centered on Reason, Religion and Love, which became the basics of the entire Salesian educational process.


  • Constant resource to reason and dialogue.
  • A realistic vision of life, which acts creatively without waiting for the ideal conditions to be met.
  • A positive assessment of work and austerity.


  • All people are called to full Christian maturity and perfection.
  • The life of faith is simple and joyful.
  • The work completes God’s creative work.
  • The Christian life is manifested in: Recognizing the presence of God and belonging to a community of faith that is committed to the Kingdom.


  • A welcoming, simple and natural attitude that fosters trust.
  • Friendship and a family spirit that facilitates understanding and coexistence.
  • Optimism and joy, which give all relationships a youthful style.
  • A cordial educational presence, through which the educator constantly coexists with children and young people.