We are a committed community of Salesians of Don Bosco who dedicate ourselves to educating and evangelizing children and young people, preferably the less privileged and at risk, offering them, with the educational method of Don Bosco, a wide range of quality services to prepare them to integrate into the world of culture and work so they can become living members of Honduran society and of the Church.


We dream of being the best-positioned school in the country, evidenced by:

To be at the top of the ranking of the universities of Tegucigalpa for the optimal academic preparation of our baccalaureates.

A proactive participation in the sporting, cultural, musical and scientific events that we attend.

The high level of organization and participation of schools in Youth Week and related activities.

The authentic identification of students and educational agents with PEPS and Salesian Spirituality.

In addition,  offering a variety of educational and pastoral services of quality according to the times, supported by new technologies and with a clear choice for bilingual education, in a family environment, welcoming, supportive and qualified, focused on the child/young person and preparing them for life, and a life in Christ.



Acting with transparency and honesty in all dimensions of our lives.


This refers to the mutual association among people. It demonstrates the will to seek solutions to the needs and problems of others..


Acting with freedom of thought and action to find new solutions, in everyday life, innovation and tradition.


Taking on the personal and daily task in accordance with Don Bosco’s ideal of holiness: 'The Lord likes to be served with pleasure, because by doing so with joy and heart, you love God more'.


The process of interrelation and the exchange of information between people, this implies respecting other beings, reciprocity, the ability to listen.


Among us we practice participatory leadership that involves positively and effectively encouraging the execution of work and the achievement of objectives.


Expresses the mutual collaboration between people to achieve a common goal, carried out in the family spirit. (SDB-laity) recognizing the strengths and qualities of others.


Recognize God’s presence in our work and experience it as life and love, which motivates our existence and all our pastoral educational activities.

Fidelity to Don Bosco

Assume the Salesian charism through the experience of Salesian spirituality and witnessing the values of Don Bosco’s 'preventive system', encouraging the attitude of sympathy, the desire for encounter and presence between boys and girls.