Elementary school

This area consists in the lower primary programme which starts in 1st grade all the way through 3rd grade and the upper primary programme from 4th to 6th grade.


Our educational proposal is based on Don Bosco’s preventive system, always seeking a comprehensive education for each of our students.


A day in elementary starts very early with our “good morning” prayer, where we put in God’s hands our intentions and activities that we will carry out throughout the day.


Our class schedule is designed with a teaching load looking for developing the standards of each level. We have all the necessary teaching resources to strengthen the knowledge acquired in each class; we are an avant-garde institution where technology goes hand in hand with learning.

Each of our students enjoys daily school and outdoor activities that are a real fun learning experience outside and inside each of the classrooms.


We have the best facilities for our students to develop their sports skills in large courts, play areas, plus a computer center library and robotics area where students have the opportunity to enrich their vocabulary and put their creativity into practice and especially develop their skills for science and technology.


Each class is planned so that our students can obtain all the knowledge in each of the subjects and for them to participate in spelling bee, science fair, gastronomical fair among other areas of learning, always looking for excellence in everything.


Lunch break time and recess are moments of joy between friends and colleagues where the fun and play are in each area, the teachers become part of them doing the work of support and assistance with each of their students.

We invite you to know our educational proposal

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