Youth Movement

The Youth Movement has emerged as a unique youth association experience at the high school level, to strengthen bonds of fraternity among young Hondurans in the festive, fresh and radiant style used by Don Bosco, the patron saint of youth.


The Youth Movement was born more than thirty years ago (1985) by the brilliant initiative of Father Oscar Julio Vián Morales, SDB (R.I.P. Former Metropolitan Archbishop of Guatemala), who was director of the Instituto San Miguel (1984-1987) who, with the collaboration of an enthusiastic group of students, teachers and parents, gave life to this whirlwind of artistic, musical, sporting expressions, cultural, academic and fraternal components of this movement.


The educational ideals of the Youth Movement are based on the Preventive System of Don Bosco, based on reason, religion and love, and as a relevant expression of the pedagogical heritage of Catholic humanism. The Youth Movement is a platform for youth leadership, designed to be a genuine expression of young students’ talent, creativity, leadership and positivism.


The active, determined and participatory involvement of so many generations of Honduran youth population has given a unique color and appeal to this great experience. The educational institutions involved in the Movement have enjoyed the formative fruits of this experience in their educational communities. The Youth Movement is not limited to the organization of the Official Movement Week, but since 2000 it has been consolidated as the soul of all the activities of youth leadership promoted by the Educational Community of the Instituto San Miguel.

Youth week

This event is held by the Youth Movement annually, organized by young people for youth, with a goal of recreation and leadership. Focusing on the pillars of the Movement: Culture, Art, Science and Sport. It is the largest multidisciplinary event in Tegucigalpa.